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Purim Poem

Tu B'Shevat is now a memory from the past.
The ground hog will let us know if spring will arrive at last.
Purim is around the corner and approaching fast!
A time to celebrate the Purim cast.
We remember Haman's wicked scheme.
Getting rid of the Jews was his theme.
Esther was placed as Achashvairosh's wife.
Mordechai was able to save the King's life.
As it was, Hashem had plans of His own.
The plot of Haman was quickly overthrown.
Hashem created quite a `Nais'
Haman was killed in Mordechai's Place.
We celebrate this chag with friends and family.
Appreciating all Hashem has given to you and me
As we make merry, let's take a pause,
To help out an organization with a great cause.
Don't forget about our brothers and sisters in need.
Over 160 families does Tomchei Shabbos feed.
During these uncertain economic times,
Instead of sending baskets filled with wines,
Or receiving candy and nosh piled way too high
Why don't you give this a try...
Send a Tomchei Shabbos card that shows you care
For both your friend and your neighbour’s pantry which might be bare.

There are three options to order cards:

Regular cards and E-cards are $3 per card.


2. Cards can be purchased at the following wonderful stores:

In the stores cards come in a package of six and cost $18 per pack.

Pay in stores by cash or cheque only.

  • Chocolate Moose
  • Hartmans (Both Locations)
  • Israel's Judaica (Both Locations)
  • Israeli Source
  • Kitchen Art
  • Kol-bo Foods
  • Kosher City
  • Kosher Gourmet
  • Magen Meats
  • My Zaidy's Bakery
  • Shaynee's (Both Locations)
  • Tap Kosher Market
  • Toronto Kosher

3. Cards can be purchased individually online and paid by credit card below.

Credit card payments are for web orders only, not store purchases.

If you have any questions Email Us:

Order Purim Cards

Mailing Address to send a cheque:
Tomchei Shabbos
2770 Dufferin St suite 201 Toronto, Ont M6B 3R7
Cheques payable to: Ruchama Fraidel Relief Organization

 DONATIONS ONLY: 416-623-2049

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Receipts will be issued for donations of $18 or more.

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Dufferin & Lawrence Bathurst & Wilson
Thornhill Thornhill
Cards cannot be mailed or delivered. For more info: 416-623-2049
Cards will also be available at the lecture
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